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About Us

We are a locally-owned and operated commercial floor cleaning business.  But we have always done some limited residential floors, especially for real estate agents and their clients.  We also have a small group of employees that do janitorial cleaning for the Southeast Christian Crestwood campus, the Southeast LaGrange campus, and the Southeast Prospect campus.  But commercial floor cleaning is our main business, on which we have focused on for over 16 years. 

Meet The Team


Bryon Steinbach

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Born and raised in Louisville Kentucky, Bryon Steinbach is the owner of Louisville FloorCare. Bryon considers himself to be extremely blessed in this life through his faith, family and friends. He believes in treating others as you would want to be treated, and that doing it in a

way that honors God is key to providing the highest level of customer service


David Kuo

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David Kuo joined our staff in 2021 after moving to Louisville in preparation for full-time ministry work overseas. David treats every job, big or small with an equal high level of care and commitment. 


Our Services

We have a wide variety of services and clean several different kinds of floors. Click below to view all of our services.

Who We Serve

We serve many different types of businesses and buildings. Click below to see who we serve.

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