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11900 Plantside Drive, Jeffersontown, KY 40299, United States

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

"Louisville's Commercial Floor Cleaning Experts"

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

"Louisville's Commercial Carpet Cleaning Experts"

Louisville Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Carpet cleaning is where we truly stand above the competition. For commercial carpet cleaning, we use a unique low-moisture system that provides huge advantages over traditional cleaning systems. And while we specialize in cleaning commercial carpets, we also clean residential carpets, especially for realtors and their clients, as well as restoration companies and their clients. Our main low-moisture system enables the carpet to dry quickly (typically within 2 hours), prevents recurring spots, and keeps carpet clean much longer than traditional systems mainly because it does not leave a sticky, soil attracting residue.  We also include a sanitizer and deodorizer at no extra charge for every carpet we clean.


And, if you have an area that you think might not clean up, or even if other companies have unsuccessfully tried cleaning an area for you, we would be happy to do a free test cleaning, just to to see if such an area will clean up well enough.  Just send us an email, or give us a call.  We would be happy to evaluate your floors, get you a quote, or clean an area to show you what we can do... again, all at no charge!

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Hallways, stairs, offices, conference rooms, etc.

Tile and Grout


Both restorative and light

tile cleaning options

Vinyl and Laminate Floor Cleaning

LVP, LVT, vinyl, linoleum and laminate floor cleaning 

Upholstery Cleaning

Office chair cleaning, cubicle cleaning, etc

VCT and Terrazzo

Strip and wax, top-scrub or

high-speed buffing services

Hardwood Cleaning

Light cleaning of hardwood floors

Who We Service

High-Rise Offices

Corporate Offices

Churches and Schools

Factories and Warehouses

Clubhouse and Event Halls

Realtor Listings

Contact Us For More Information

Email sent! Thank You!!!

We provide a free carpet cleaning quotes and a free onsite consultation to discuss your flooring issues. We can even clean an area of carpet cleaned at no charge, so you can be sure your floors are worth cleaning*.  Our prices and rates are frequently better than our big-name cleaning competitors such as Coit, Stanley Steemer, MaxCare and Cintas.Try us out today!



* Free area cleaning up to 250 square feet is for new commercial customers only

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